Behind the eyes of an addict

Addiction is a hard battle to fight. For one it is shrouded in secrecy and shame. One thinks they are fooling everyone but they cannot even fool themselves. One doesn’t want to be found out so they are manipulative and deceitful. Lying and trying so hard to cover their tracks not realizing how they are truly exposing themselves to the people whose opinions count the most.

When we think of addiction we often think of gambling and drugs but what about other addictions that you cannot always see the side effects of. Today’s blog will touch on the addiction to overspending.  Similar to gambling it is an addiction that involves the high of spending money and not being satiated until all said money is gone. When one has the money they feel either a false sense of euphoria or a great sense of sadness. They see the trigger right away they know weeks ahead they are going to use but they do not know how bad their crash will be. People don’t understand this form of addiction we are taught financial priorities come first and second to nothing else. Some work to pay bills and are regimented to accept that as life. Others find that unbearable and cannot balance work and play properly.

Overspending in our society is taboo your financial house needs to be in order at all times. You are not grown when you spend money frivolously in the eyes of many.  As I mentioned earlier the high of the spending last up until all the money is gone. When that crash comes though it is expected there truly is no way to prepare for it. When one bottoms out it is a long way down.  

In an addictive mind, one is selfish, arrogant, manipulative, and deceitful. They only think of their needs in that moment. Rationale like caution is thrown to the wind. Those who love this person with an addiction feel what the person does defies logic. Those around you do not understand what you are going through how powerless you truly are and how unmanageable things can be. It is a power that can only stifled by a higher power. When that high comes down it is unbearable to know how you blew through money that most you cannot account for is so sad. It is a sobering reality. The quietest cry is the one for help. Their behavior screams help me but their lips may never mouth the actual words.

When they ask for help don’t judge and scold them for their behavior like they want you to do. Yes I said want because they are now feeling overwhelmed by guilt and the reality of what they did is seeping into their memory banks. Most of the spending spree is a blur there is nothing to take back. It’s gone till their next hit.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Enigma says:

    “When they ask for help don’t judge and scold them for their behavior like they want you to do.” This is something I learned recently.. to be there, to listen & to advise when solicited— but NOT to lecture. It is so easy to wage the finger at someone else & then help them, but I have found it is crucial to save the lecturing & just be present….. excellent post!


  2. coymag13 says:

    Thanks Enigma love your name. It is a struggle of power and control that becomes unmanageable. It is a hard thing to admit.


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