3 Steps to Rebuilding A New You

Do you suffer from low self-esteem? Have you had a traumatic experience that shook your self-esteem at its core? Here are three helpful steps to rebuilding your self-esteem:

Honor Thyself

It is imperative to learn to love the person that you are. Many of us go our whole lives without loving who we are therefore we struggle with determining what it is that we want in life. This takes time to hone. It also requires patience and understanding. For some of us we either change because we want to or because when have to. This is something you must do with some serious introspection. Maybe you can sit down and do a break down with a pro/con list of why you need to love yourself.

Pros of loving yourself/Cons of loving yourself

v  You do not seek the validation of others/No one else’s opinion of you matters

v  You learn to love the skin you are in/you’re forced to trust your own instincts

Pros of not loving yourself/Cons of not loving yourself

v  Others shape you into the person they want you to be/you’ll never learn to assert yourself

v  You can always whine woe is me/You never discover who you are inside

Respect Thyself

How can you dare expect anyone else to respect you, if you do not respect you? You are not exempt. You have to give it to get it pertains to you too. Let’s do another pro/con list this time in regards to respecting yourself.

Pros of Respecting Yourself/Cons of Respecting Yourself

v  You set a strong foundation for your self-esteem/You can no longer participate in passive/aggressive behavior.

v  You will hold yourself in a higher regard/you have to be genuine and honest about how you feel about both you and others

Pros of Not Respecting Yourself/Cons of Not Respecting Yourself

v  You are not accountable for your actions/you will never be taken seriously.

v  You have no moral code/your values are always compromised

Trust Thyself

Many times in life especially when we experience trauma we learn that our instincts are incorrect and therefore they cannot be relied upon in situations. This is done to ensure we the victim stay the victim and our offender gets to tell us what is both right and wrong from their own perspective and we should never question their point of view. Let’s see what happens to our self-esteem according to our pro/con list.

Pros of Trusting Yourself/Cons of Trusting Yourself

v  Your point of view is the most important view/You will be taken advantage of

v  You will be able to clearly differentiate between right and wrong/You will never be able to make decisions for yourself

Pros of Not Trusting Yourself/Cons of Not Trusting Yourself

v  You tend to rationalize every decision/you will not be trusted by anyone

v  You never have to change or try new things/you will never learn self-forgiveness

If you found any of these tips helpful please share your thoughts below.

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  1. Very good thoughts on self-esteem. People have to realize that they are not going to experience true success until they learn to love themselves, including their flaws. Our flaws often help us to understand that we are human. I think the suggestions you offer in this piece will be quite useful for people needing to improve their self-esteem.


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