Even Superwoman Gets Overwhelmed

Are you feeling overwhelmed? We as women have to understand that we as women get


Sometimes we ruminate on feeling of disappointment, worthlessness, and hopeless. When really the problem is we put too much on our plates. We think we have to do a combination of things to feel purposeful. We lose focus and track of things and that is when we start on the downward spiral.

This is the first time in a long time I am writing through an intense emotion. I have been crying for an half an hour for no other reason other than I am overwhelmed. I have disappointed some people and I am internalizing that. Instead of just saying Neisha you have way too much going on. To be honest if I mapped things out and planned better everything would not feel like an emergency. So I am overwhelmed and I am a bad planner.

Actually this sounds corny but writing this right now is making me feel better. I realize that the only reason I get overwhelmed this time around is I have not setup a good plan of action. I now know what I must do. I have to take on tasks one at a time. So I can properly focus on each thing at a good amount of time. Now I know even the best laid plans go awry but that does not mean you have to own being overwhelmed.

I thought I was experiencing the winter blues and maybe I am. But I truly believe it has more to do with the fact that I lack adequate planning skills. I just pile a whole heap of things on my plate and do not prioritize them. Priority is essential to finding success. So let’s put things in perspective let’s figure how to tackle feeling overwhelmed.


1.       Acknowledge your feelings.  Admit to yourself you are in fact feeling overwhelmed. Being able to admit this will help you talk things better.

2.       List what is making you feel overwhelmed. So for me I did not plan well and that is why I feel so overwhelmed. What brought you to this point?

3.       Prioritize. Once you make a list of what is overwhelming you put them in order of priority. See was needs to be tended to immediately and what can wait.

4.       Multitasking is not a trait everyone possesses. Realize that you may indeed be like me and have to tackle things one at a time to ensure every task is getting its proper focus.

5.       Focus on the moment.  Stay in the moment. Recognize that you put too much on your plate and make a conscious effort focusing on what you can do right now to alleviate those overwhelming feelings.

6.       Release. Whether you have to cry, scream, vent, right, or whatever you need to do let it go and take a deep breathe afterward. This too shall pass. Do not hold these feelings in they are but for a moment.


Now that we realize that feeling overwhelmed is normal and uncomfortable we now know how to ride that wave. The purpose of acknowledging a feeling is to determine what triggered this feeling in the future we will see it more quickly and be able to be more proactive about handling it.

Did you find these tips helpful? Are there anymore that you would like to add? Share your thoughts below.


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