How to boost your confidence the Fashion to Figure way?

Yesterday I participated in a Fashion and Civic Event with many beautiful and powerful women. It was a beautiful experience. I loved it and would love another chance to do it again. As you know I have had confidence issues for ever and yesterday was no different. But I got through it with confidence because of all the support I received from others.

Fashion to Figure is a store that caters to women no matter what others define as “plus-size”. When you walk into their doors you may walk in timid and unsure but you walk out feeling like a rockstar. Yesterday I was a Civic Model for Trenton 365 R.E.A.C.H. program. As a civic model I modeled outfits from Fashion to Figure and it was a wonderful opportunity to network with other likeminded individuals. As women we always want to empower one another and Fashion to Figure always does that for me.

So I will share with you some tidbits from Fashion to Figure that I have learned below:

  1. Size does not matter. It does not matter what size you are as long as the fit suits your personality. Don’t get sidelined by size. Where what is most comfortable to you and the look you are trying to achieve.
  2. Confidence is key. If you will not rock it with confidence then you might as well not rock it at all. You want to rock something that says I am here, I have arrived not oh please don’t look at me. Embrace the rock star you are. Don’t make yourself small to make someone else feel powerful. You are doing yourself a great disservice.
  3. Jump out of your comfort zone. Think outside of your box. Raise the bar. Play with fashion shopping is meant to be fun so enjoy it and as you try on something look back at your reflection and say, “You are hot girl.” Make sure you mean it.
  4. Play with color. Color has a huge palette so dip into those pastels, and don’t get stuck in the monochromatic world. Color will brighten you up and others will take notice.
  5. Stand out from the crowd. Stop trying to fit in when it is so obvious you don’t fit. Don’t ever conform for anyone. You are your own strong and powerful movement. March to your own beat.

Fashion to Figure Fashion and Civic Engagement was awesome, empowering, and inspiring. Many women from different backgrounds came together as if we had known each other our whole lives. Some faces were familiar and some were meeting for the first time. Everything feel into place perfectly and it was a success because we worked as a team. We boosted one another up as women should do. There were not little “I’s” and big “U’s” it was all about the team.

I just want to thank the entire Fashion to Figure staff at Quakerbridge Mall. You guys are the best and I wish you much success. Thank you to Jacque Howard for inviting all of us to participate it was a pleasure. Thanks Will Foskey for the awesome pictures. Kakeya Floyd thanks for the amazing hair it went so well with all the wonderful personalities and outfits.

Do you struggle with size issues? Does confidence seem daunting? Share your thoughts below.

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