About COY

Welcome to COY Magazine

The purpose of this magazine is to cultivate dreams, empower every woman that reads this magazine, we anticipate that it also inspires you to imagine greater and more boldly than you ever dreamed possible. We are here to tackle women’s personal development. What did not kill us only made us stronger! The mission statement for this magazine is to never let a dream to be deferred. We pride ourselves on being a self-help magazine. We will enable you to be self-motivating and forward thinking. Put you and your needs first and we will provide articles that give you all the tools possible to make that dream come to fruition.

Our magazine will be conducive to shaping a new you. The new you will inspire and set ablaze dreams where fires were once dwindling. Are you ready to embark on this journey with me? I am just a click away at editor@coymag.net  feel free to share with me your dreams, hopes, aspirations as well as any questions, concerns or even suggestions.

Forever inspired,

Neisha Kelly


“Never let a dream be deferred.”