About Author

Neisha Kelly

There is always that one love that you may escape physically but is indelibly etched in your memory bank. Writing has always been that love for me. You can never escape something that is innately yours. My love affair with writing started when I was very young. The intimacy of pen to paper soothes and liberates me. I love to play with words to synthesize them and evolve them into anything that I want. Quite a story is told when using my imagination and wordplay.

Reading has always inspired my writing. In my mind you cannot love one without loving the other. When you see me reading know that my pen and paper are always by my side. I keep a journal and pen by my nightstand for ideas often come to me in my dreams. I wake up excited and immediately rewrite my dream on paper. When I awake I am covered in inspiration and creativity. Writing is more than cathartic for me. Our love affair surpasses the comprehension of others. My appetite for words is insatiable and I love flexing my brain muscles thinking of innovative ways to tell a story.

I love to write whether it is poetry, blogging, articles, and my memoir. Give me a pen and paper and I will have my way with….words. I am old school I need pen to paper to truly tap into my emotions. There is something so alluring about my words being scrawled on a paper.

Aside from writing I love to sing karaoke (that’s the only way I can sing in public without having terrible stage fright), dancing, bowling, reading, and I absolutely love learning new things. I love listening and singing to music at home. It is a favorite pastime my mother used to do with us growing up. I love reading Essence magazine I look through it cover to cover and then get my pen and pad ready to take notes and read every article no matter the subject. My dream career is to write for Essence. I have a love of empowering women to dream big or don’t dream at all. My magazine’s motto is a paraphrased quote from my favorite Langston Hughes poem “A Dream Deferred.” Never let a dream be deferred!